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Do you have a sinking driveway? It’s one of the most common areas to have polyjacked, and we’re experts at it! We can get your slabs level, bring your driveway back up to be even with your garage, and get your concrete driveway looking great again. For all of your driveway and garage floor leveling needs in Indianapolis, give us a call at Indianapolis Concrete Leveling



Lopsided sidewalks aren’t only unpleasant looking, they can be dangerous! Polyjacking your sidewalk can correct your property’s grade, remove tripping hazards and restore the look you want.



If you have a commercial lot that has sinking concrete slabs, we’ve got your solutions. From sinking steps to sinking concrete driveways Milwaukee, we can fix your concrete problems without disrupting your business.




Why is level concrete important?


Depending on where your concrete slab is located, having uneven


concrete can range from annoying to potentially damaging your foundation. For concrete slabs that are located around your home, they need to be level and graded away from your home in order to ensure water runs away from your foundation. If water pools around your foundation it can lead to flooding, foundation damage, mold problems, and any other number of issues. For areas such as walkways or driveways, having uneven concrete slabs can create a tripping hazard, not to mention being unsightly. 


What is polyjacking?


Fixing sinking concrete by injecting polyurethane foam or, mudjacking Houston, beneath the surface is called polyjacking. By injecting a specific amount of foam, the concrete will be raised to its original height, making sure that it is flush with surrounding slabs and leveled properly.


What surfaces can be polyjacked?


Many areas can be leveled, such as sidewalks, garage floors, driveways, walkways, patios and more. We provide concrete leveling for both residential and commercial properties throughout Nowhere.


What services do you offer?


We offer consulting and concrete leveling services for problem areas around your home or business. We will work to make sure your concrete is properly leveled so that the water doesn’t damage your property, foundation, and remove tripping hazards caused by uneven concrete slabs.


How does concrete leveling work?


This video shows how the concrete leveling process works. In short, we drill small holes and inject expanding polyurethane foam beneath the slab until it is in the proper position.


How much does concrete leveling cost?


The cost of the polyjacking is going to be dependent on the size of the job that needs to be done. A small sidewalk is going to be different than a large driveway. Most jobs can be expected to cost a few thousand dollars. We provide free quotes so you know exactly what to expect for your concrete leveling job.


Why does concrete sink?


Typically the main reason for sinking concrete is erosion due to water. Water beneath a slab will cause the soil to erode or shift, creating a void beneath the slab and allowing it to sink over time. However poorly compacted soil and even rodents can create problems. By filling the void beneath the concrete and raising it back up, the problem can be prevented from happening again.


Why should I have my uneven concrete fixed?


When uneven concrete goes unchecked, it can lead to water damage to your home, decreased curb appeal, and even lead to the concrete integrity decreasing and eventually cracking or crumbling. When slabs are not fixed, the problem will continue to get worse, leaving you with no choice but to have the concrete removed and replaced, which is more expensive. By fixing the concrete when you first notice a problem with it sinking or shifting, you can mitigate the cost of the fix, as well as any other problems that it may cause.


Why wouldn’t I replace my concrete instead?


Replacing concrete costs much more than polyjacking, not to mention the time it takes. Instead of a simple procedure of drilling a few small holes and injecting polyurethane, the entire slab needs to be ripped out, disposed of, soil regraded, and new concrete poured and given time to cure. Polyjacking creates instant results and the slab can be used almost immediately.


Does someone need to be home during polyjacking?


If the slab(s) that needs to be leveled is outside and accessible, then you do not need to be home. With your permission, we can level the concrete and not disrupt your schedule.


What is your service area?


We serve Nowhere. Contact us to see if you’re within our service area!


Additional FAQs


We know you have a lot of questions regarding polyjacking/concrete leveling. Hopefully these help answer some of them, or you can contact us any time!


Does polyjacking work?


Yes,polyjacking is a quick acting and effective process that leaves behind minimal evidence it was ever done (except level concrete of course)! The process can be used on any concrete surface that is not too damaged, and has immediate results. Your concrete slab can be used almost immediately.


Polyjacking vs Mudjacking


Polyjacking uses a quickly expanding polyurethane foam to lift the concrete. While both polyjacking and mudjacking in Kansas City drill holes to inject something beneath the concrete, the holes for polyjacking are smaller. The polyurethane foam is lightweight, waterproof, and will not break down over time, whereas the cement slurry used in mudjacking can break down. The polyurethane foam can completely fill a void beneath a slab and will not compress the soil beneath. While polyjacking can be more expensive than mudjacking, the likelihood of having to mudjack again is much higher, meaning you may have to spend the same amount again several years down the road.


Polyjacking vs Concrete Replacement


Polyjacking is not only less expensive than concrete replacement, it is quieter, takes less time, and is less intrusive. Polyjacking will not disrupt surrounding landscaping, or you or your neighbors, since there is only small equipment needed. Polyjacking yields immediate results, while getting new concrete can take days or even weeks if the weather doesn’t cooperate. And new concrete does not mean that it will not sink again! Fresh concrete will also be a different color than your existing concrete meaning it will be much more noticeable than a few small, dime sized spots in your slab. Polyjacking is the ideal fix for sinking concrete unless your concrete is badly damaged and cannot be raised.


How long does polyjacking last?


Polyjacking uses a polyurethane foam that is waterproof and will not degrade. The foam itself will not shrink or wash away, however if there are still problems with water or shifting soil, you may need to have the problem corrected again.


What is the cleanup like?

Unlike appliance repairs Mequon, there is very little cleanup, if any, needed after your concrete has been polyjacked. The main cleanup that may be needed is concrete dust from the drilling of the holes, but that can be easily washed away with a garden hose.


What will the concrete look like after you’re finished?


It will be level again! You’ll also notice a few small, patched holes where the concrete was drilled through. Mostly you’ll see that your slabs are once again even and no longer a tripping hazard or a hazard to your home.


What maintenance is needed after concrete leveling?


The main thing that should be done after leveling your concrete is to seal any cracks along the seams or in the slab itself. This can be done with cement caulk from your local hardware store. Sealing the cracks prevents water from getting beneath your slab again and can minimize or eliminate future sinking.


Why should I worry about uneven concrete?


Uneven concrete not only can cause a tripping hazard leading to injury, it can cause very expensive damage to your foundation and home or business. Flooding, pooling water, mold, mildew and foundation damage are all very real possibilities when the grade around your home or business is not correct. 


Without leveling your sinking concrete in a timely manner, you may run out of time for it to be an option, and have to resort to costly concrete replacement. Save yourself the money and hassle of having to replace your concrete altogether by getting it polyjacked at the first sign of sinking trouble.


How can I tell if I need slabjacking?


If you can visibly see that you have an uneven slab, or there are gaps between slabs or uneven stairs, then those are obvious indicators that you need polyjacking. However you may also notice other signs, such as water pooling in areas it never used to, or if you hear a hollow noise beneath a slab. These could be indicators that you have a void beneath a slab and things are beginning to shift.


What services don’t you provide?


We do not offer concrete resurfacing, stamping, sealing, asphalt work, or other services like those. We also do not offer concrete replacement.